TAPEnSER is designed to align 2 or 3 tape rolls producing reverse-conjoined tapes so you can attach plastic sheeting or paper; and for other uses.

We will have how-to-use Video soon.

TAPEnSER – The TAPE ANSWER, invented to solve a problem that all painters, remodelers and many other home/commercial builders/contractors have.  It’s the best Tape Dispenser for dispensing reverse-conjoined tapes, for applying plastic sheeting and/or paper, to easily, quickly and effectively seal off any area, room, open door frames, entrances, floors, walls, windows, window coverings, furnitures, countertop, etc…


  • Dispensing 2 reverse-conjoined tapes and a single tape, or
  • Dispensing 3 reverse-conjoined tapes,
  • Using 1″ tapes, 1-1/2″ tapes OR mix 1 of each,
  • Comfortable & controllable handle with thumb rest,
  • Having a swivel hook for hanging on user’s belt, ladder, etc…
  • Including both long and short pre-installed cutting blades.  Ready for use!

TAPEnSER by bonbien is easy to use, quick and effective:  Simply apply reverse-conjoined tapes onto substrate surfaces, then attach edges of plastic sheeting or paper onto the tapes.  It’s the most effective method to prevent all types of dust (saw dust, sanding dust, cement dust…), overspray, mist, drips… when doing spray painting, spray texturing, spray staining, hardwood flooring, remodeling; auto body shop detailing; and other uses for offices, schools and homes.

100% effectively, proficiently and quickly seal off anything by applying reverse-conjoined tapes around edges or surfaces, open entrances, countertops, cabinets, etc… Then affix with plastic sheeting and/or paper onto the reverse-conjoined tapes to seal off anything!

No more making loops out of tape strips or taping randomly along the edges of the plastic sheeting or paper again.

Definitely save a lot of your time!

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